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Our diploma training is ideal for those who have already completed our Classic 1:1 Eyelash Extension training* and want to take the next step in the lash career by learning new technique and all golden rules to distance themselves from the competition by providing a superior service.

*or equivalent training with an alternative training provider.



How long is the course?

Training takes 1 days around 9h (the time of the training may change)

(11:00-19/20:00). Please ensure you arrive 10 minutes prior to your course start time.

11:00 - 12:30 – Theory

12:30 – 14:30 – Sponge practice, exercise cards

14:30 -15:00 – Lunch

15:00 – Live model

19-20:00 – Handing out certificates



Innovation Beauty

2 Notre Dame Mews



Google map:


The closest car park:

Hourly Bands Grosvenor Multi Storey NN1 2BS 


Training information: 

Finance option available, please click here for more details.


Group training (max 3ppl), please check the dates in our monthly schedule (lunch, manual, certificate, gift) 

VIP Training, for individual 1 to 1 session, you can contact us to choose the most suitable date for you (lunch, manual, certificate, gift) 


How to book your training date 

To book the training simply contact us and secure the date by deposit payment of £100, the remaining payment should be made 5 days prior to your course or on the training day with cash.

The payment can be made by using our website or you can do the bank transfer to:

Innovation Beauty Academy

Sort code: 20-61-55

Account number: 13300641

Title: training date

Please contact our customer service team via for more information.


Training program


  1. Introduction, 
  2. Volumetric calculator,
  3. Choosing the right volume,
  4. Perfect fan,
  5. Perfect fan vs bad fan,
  6. Reasons why the fan is closing up,
  7. Everything about adhesives,
  8. Secrets of retention,
  9. Working with the rows,
  10. Lash directions,
  11. Distance from the eyelid and attachment zone,
  12. Lifting,
  13. How to deal with inner corners,
  14. Lash curl specification,
  15. Mixing curls,
  16. Smooth transitions between sizes,
  17. Eye styling - effects,
  18. Disinfection in the salon,
  19. New application and infill - step by step,
  20. Post-treatment recommendations,
  21. The most common mistakes in eyelash styling,
  22. Marketing and business in the world of eyelashes,
  23. Answers to student questions. 

Practical part:

 - Exercise cards- practice before working on the model: attachment zone, wrist work, directions, tufts, work on sponges,

 - Independent work on the model,

 - Completion of the procedure, 


Training entry requirements 

To participate in the training, completion of Foundation Training is required.

Please note on the day you will need to bring a model to practice on. Model need to come at 15:00 and she will be needed until around 20:00. If you are unable to bring your own model, please contact us minimum one week before the training date and we will provide you a model with additional £30 fee.


- Model should be aged 16 or over

- Without lash extensions on their lashes

- Without eye make up on the training da

- No lash conditioner used at lease 2 months before the training

- Please ask your models to do not drink coffee or any energetic drinks before the application


How to prepare yourself for this training 

Please dress comfortably and don't forget your glasses if you need them for better vision!

You don’t need to bring anything except of your tweezers and a good humour, relaxed mind to easily absorb lash knowledge. All products and equipment will be provided, on the site you also will be able to buy a tweezers or some others lash products

Lunch and snacks, cold and hot drinks will be provided please let us know if you have any food allergies or special dietary needs


Cancelation policy

If you unable to attend the course, you must let us know at least 14 days before the date of the course. If you cancel your course without giving 14 days prior notice, we will be unable to refund you the cost of your deposit.


After completing the training, you will receive:

I’m The Lashmaker accredited certificate 

ILM Private Group Membership

Forever ILM support

PLEASE NOTE: Courses are taught in English and Polish, please let us know about your preferences 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us:

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