EKKOBEAUTY Henna Set of 4 Colours


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Golden Brown


Dark Brown

Innovation in the colouring of eyebrows!

Hair colouring and curvature in one treatment - is it possible?

Yes, if you use a pigment created in the most friendly for a real beauty laboratory - in nature. Ekohenna is the unconditional triumph of natural ingredients in the cosmetics industry.

A real Henna from Morocco for perfect eyebrows for longer !!!

The unique composition and the highest ecological compatibility create a first-class tandem that has many advantages:

Long-lasting and resistant colour

An immediate effect of beautiful, well-groomed eyebrows

Nourishes and protects every hair

It stimulates the growth of new hair

(over time - a natural, transparent line of eyebrows)

hypoallergenic and safe for health

Harmless for the environment, including the atmosphere

The makeup artists say that the eyebrows form the face. That's true, because even in the absence of makeup, the face with well-defined graphic eyebrows will look fresh and fresh.

In addition, when the effect of dyeing the salon lasts up to several weeks.

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