EKKOBEAUTY Dark Brown Henna


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The DARK BROWN shade is ideal for dark, dark-eyed and dark-haired girls. Usually recommended to brunettes, because it looks natural on the face. Depending on the density of the dilution and the time of total exposure to eyebrows (eyelashes) gives a good palette of shades. The dye henna Dye Brown fits perfectly with other colors of the Henna EKKOBOBEAUT collection to get the best results on the hair and skin.

A real Moroccan Henna for the perfect with a long-lasting EFFECT !!!

Moroccan henna EKKOBEAUTY has a unique composition that has many advantages

stable result

immediate effect of neat eyebrows

nutrition and protection of every hair

stimulation of new hair growth (with time - a natural, transparent line of eyebrows)

hypoallergenic and health safety

harmless to the environment and atmosphere


The makeup artists say that the eyebrows form the face. That's true, because even in the absence of makeup, the face with well-defined graphic eyebrows will look fresh and fresh.

Why do you need to choose the eyebrow henna EKKOBEAUTY for these purposes?

Raw materials for the preparation of a color mixture are collected in the heart of Morocco, where ecology has not yet suffered under the influence of factors caused by man. In contrast to popular Indian raw materials that grow in industrial regions, Moroccan natural henna brings only benefits and beneficial effects on health.

A noble blend in the composition of each shade allows you to get perfect shades for each initial eyebrow color. Thanks to Ekkobeauty, it was easier to choose the right color for the client.

When you decide to buy EKKOBEAUTY henna, you can be sure that you not only maintain the ecology of your region, but also directly participate in solving problems related to nature conservation. The percentage of each package goes to WWF World Wildlife Fund. By investing in the success of your company, you invest in a safe future for our planet.

Coloring eyebrows with henna EKKOBEAUTY - offer your clients only the best!

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