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Glossy Gold scrub


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Glossy golden scrub for brows

The unique formula of natural ingredients is distinguished by the Peeling Glossy Gold from the trend of standard application. In addition to gentle cleansing, it is designed to stimulate the growth of eyebrow hair, as well as to prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Peeling Glossy Gold NIKK MOLE contains natural abrasives and auxiliary active substances, which is very characteristic for SPA care products.

Crystals of sea salt and sugar in a duet with ground coffee ensure effective removal of horny layers of the epidermis, smoothen the skin and increase its susceptibility to colored pigments during eyebrow coloring.

A slight warming caused by mechanical friction improves sunflower honey. As a result of blood flow and improved oxygen exchange processes in the deep layers of the skin, sleeping hair follicles wake up, and the natural line of eyebrows becomes clearer.

Extracts and oil from sea buckthorn enrich and nourish the skin with valuable micronutrients, thanks to which they look healthy and shiny.

In professional use, peeling is used for the treatment of eyebrows and eyebrow correction, as well as a stage of therapy for restoring beautiful and natural eyebrows.

Elegant packaging and dark glass underlines the expressive nature of the golden elements. Cosmetics that look like a work of art underline the high quality of MOLE NIKK.

In combination with other measures of the author's series, Mily Klimenko, a facial peel guarantees achievement of impeccable results at work.

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