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Glossy Gold Oil 50 ml


A noble SPA complex in the form of oil for the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes Glossy Gold will give every girl what she dreams of. The noble combination of natural oils is so skillfully made that it will be able to bring back to life the thinnest hairs and not very impressive eyelashes. Eyelashes and eyebrows in GG style, even without make-up, are simply luxurious!

The strength of natural ingredients has a huge advantage over synthetic development. Under the action of a living product, the cells of our body are awakened and updated in natural mode. All processes are compatible with health and beauty, not with quick results, which are usually pursued in chemistry.

The GG concept is optimal for professional use:

the oils in the composition are selected to effectively remove paint or henna after the staining procedure is completed;

For convenience of use, a dispenser is provided;

volume in 50 ml. allows you to work with comfort for a long time without having to constantly buy the product;

It can be applied to the consumer, using a dispenser it can be applied to any clean brush or brush to spread over the eyebrows or eyelashes. It has a light consistency and is perfectly absorbed, leaving no unsightly greasy gloss.

Glossy Gold oil is the basic element of therapy for the care and restoration of eyebrows and eyebrows. Complex nutrition and saturation of hair and skin is the key to their perfect appearance.

One drop of golden oil will open a new world for you, in which natural beauty and natural attractiveness reign.

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