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Flower Water Glossy Gold 100ml


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Glossy Gold Flower Water - a precious elixir of beauty.

In the premium Glossy Gold line for face washing, GG Flower Water occupies a special place. The unique composition, designed for professional use, will become a bestseller of home care products. An effective formula easily handles a variety of cosmetic tasks, and a charming aroma with notes of rose and rosemary turns the daily procedure of cleansing the skin into a unique pleasure.

The spectrum of water activity is diverse:

eye, mouth and face makeup;

cleansing the surface of the skin from its natural release products;

combating rashes, irritation and scaling;

normalization of skin fatness;

moisturizing and softening;

improvement of skin tone.

Along with traditional chamomile in cosmetology, GG Woda Kwiatowa contains extracts of rosemary and a Gallic rose, which not only leave a trace of exquisite aroma on the skin but also affect the body based on the principle of SPA cosmetics.

Professionals will appreciate the versatility of Flower Water, which can be used to clean the skin in a variety of procedures and when preparing make-up. This is the first stage of the beauty concept "Glossy Gold", which assumes the use of all means of the collection while colouring and correcting the eyebrows.

Facial lotion Shiny gold presents in a tempting style. A luxurious bottle of dark glass with gold elements suits high-quality premium cosmetics. A convenient dispenser is responsible for the convenience of use and saving in consumption.

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