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Russian Line training is the advance eyebrow training which will make your brow stylisation flawless.

The Eastern European technique is concentrating to underline the eyebrows in beautiful and neat way to create a big contrast without using any make up(concealer).

Create a perfect and neat eyebrows with us!


Training program

Russian Line

1. Eyebrow shaping 

2. Why we don’t use waxing and threading in new brow stylisations?

3. Anti trends in brow world

4. Types of developers and when we are using them

5. How molecules of tint and henna react with the hair shaft.

6. Difference between tint and henna

7. How long tint will last on the skin?

8. PPD in brow products, whats that?

9. Circle of colour in brow world

10. How you can neutralise the old permanent make up

11. Colours of the tint 

12. The best products for brow stylisation

13. Perfect line and ombré effect in the same time.

Training contains full explanation of above topics and aslo full eyebrow procedure done by our master.


What are you getting ?

- Access to our online training video for a 30 days. 

- The file is accessible from all the devices, all you need is internet connection and bit of your free time.

- You can watch it as many times as you want in the 30 day period. 

- Our technical team will send you separate e-mail with link granted you access to online video not longer then in 12 h after purchase.

- To order just simply put this products to your shopping cart and choose collection from our shop and pay through PayPal or credit card.

After completing this you will receive a e-certificate.


Intellectual property and copyright.

1. Student is informed that all the exclusive rights to use any inventions, works for hire, useful models, unique techniques (know-hows), educational materials and Teachers website design, as well as publication, distribution, any commercial and non-commercial usage, adaptation and creation of derivative works and contents belongs to the Teacher.


2. Student is obliged not to reproduce, sell, licence out, distribute or in any other way pass to the third parties, adapt, decompile all mentioned objects of intellectual property without prior written agreement of the Teacher.

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